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lirik lagu 45 adapters – now or never


i’m much more of a coward
than i’ve ever been a saint
so i find myself embittered
hands covered in yellow paint

i muster up my best toothy grin
to prove to her i don’t care
while some rich kid in a zeppelin t~shirt
runs his fingers through her hair

but, it’s now or never

it’s not that i am satisfied
i’m just too proud to complain
i’m not what you’d call stoic
i’m just quietly gone insane

i remember when we started out
we were the best of friends
and there’s nothing sadder than seeing business
bring that to an end

but, it’s now or never

well, i know that true love
is the stuff of fairy tales
i’ve seen the pain of delusion
and all that that entails
well, i’ll accept the reality
that what we had is gone
i’ll grin and laugh and hide my tears
until i am alone

but, it’s now or never