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lirik lagu 41mafia! – reminiscing freestyle


yo, yo, yo
what’s the word, word
what’s the word, word
41mobb!, g’ $t~~z
the f~ck do you mean?

i’ll die for my brothers
’cause they real like no others
in my city all these mothers
reminiscing they son’s death
n~ggas out here wild’n taking each others breath
man, they’ll go crazy they’ll k!ll you ass repin’ they set
boy you say you want smoke? i’m like “ight bet”
we be steppin’ on your weak ass gang like a carpet
n~ggas out here talking sh~t boy now your ass a target
me and the mob movin’ in silence yeah, we no talkin’

n~ggas hating all i hear is barking
n~ggas hating all i hear is barking
(aye, aye, aye)

[verse 1]
straight from the six~o~six four one
so a youngin ain’t never gon run
boy these hating ass n~ggas will always hate
‘but that sh~t just means one day
imma be great
what?! a rat snitching? well that boy know his fate
b~tch we getting the opps hit at a fast rate
my momma struggling to put food on my plate
‘but that’s what these lame ass n~ggas don’t appreciate
we gon leave your stomach empty like you fastin’
my boy’s will get to blastin’
if you get caught lackin’
(aye, aye)