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lirik lagu 415 – niggas just jock me


[ verse 1: d-loc ]
n-gg-s just jock me, they try to clock me
i ain’t havin that cause i’m the l to the o, the c
i’m not weak or soft like a geek
i’m a mack to the world as if i was goldie
brothers need to know exactly where i’m comin from
i knock a n-gg- out the box like a champion
won’t give a f-ck if you duck and try to miss one
i come again with the pump shotgun
a b-tch tried to diss, excuse me, miss
i’m d m-th-f-ckin loc, i don’t give a sh-t
about yo n-gg-, i pull the trigger on his -ss
spit on the punk, then laugh
yo, another day, another n-gg-, what the f-ck
one mo’ sucker to bite the dust
now i’m on a gangster tip, straight ruthless
wanted by the police for killin up a trooper
you gotta catch me to arrest me
cause yo, i hold a grudge on a n-gg- with a billy club
i’ma die hard, that’s my job
to straighten out n-gg-s that try to get what i got
they don’t understand what i’m sayin, man
mister police, n-gg-s just jock me

[ verse 2: d-loc ]
deion’s the name that was given to me
but i’m d-loc when i chill with the posse
show respect to a brother that’s a mack
and if you don’t, me and the homies’ll just rat pack
m-th-f-ckas know loc is on a rampage
you better duck when i bust my 12-guage
i might move on a fool with a small gat
lounge in the cut, catch him slippin, then jack
now i just came up like a genius
fat benzo with vogues and zeniths
hit the strip, slammin ‘groupie -ss b-tch’
see all the hoes lookin, it’s time to get p-ssy
hey cutie, you right there
tell your friend behind you to come over here
and get with a real man, stop playin with a punk
only chumps drive mini trucks
you got a feelin, boy? don’t sleep
you feel like a frog? then leap
hah, step to me if you want to
but be sure that you got a att-tude
and a uzi to back you
n-gg-s don’t trip when i shoot gift
mister police, n-gg-s just jock me

[ verse 3: d-loc ]
i’m from the oakland streets, there’s no peace
the 415 don’t jive, we take lives, see?
you might think you can get with me
but daryl’s in the back with a sub-machine
n-gg-s get offended when i play this
but you gotta give me credit cause i’m so dedicated
i don’t front, this is from the heart, punk
he that disagrees, d-loc will just stomp
that’s the routine, i don’t give a f-ck
n-gg-s jock, cause that’s the name of this cut
so i expect that from young comrades
they get mad but they can’t do sh-t about it
goin out like suckers, stupid m-th-f-ckas got d-cks
but they cry like b-tches or snitches
or ‘snitches & b-tches’, yo
you know the solo, richie rich kicked it
but they don’t really get what we’re sayin, rich
mister police, n-gg-s just jock me

[ verse 4: d-loc ]
duck, you pigeon, peckin like a chicken
snakin on a brother cause i’m d-gg-n yo b-tches
i’m not as big as you, so you think that you
can f-ck over me, but you’re wack cause i’m strapped
i always pack a nine, you know
5’7″, a one-man rambo
if i can’t handle, in other words a double team
i step off, then step back with a posse
what comes next, a one-round beatdown
to the street? in the oaktown
who called the police? must be punks
the same young bucks that was f-ckin with us
cowards don’t live long, you gotta be strong
if you wanna be in the game and wrong
now i’m on a mission, sippin olde english
feelin tipsy cause my head is kinda spinnin
but i ain’t towed down yet, just wait
i’m finna act a fool when i hit the dank
so you better step off when i’m comin through, boss
and watch your back before you take a loss
but n-gg-s don’t trip when i shoot gift
mister police, n-gg-s just jock me