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lirik lagu 40 glocc – 1 blood (game diss)


[“one blood (it’s okay)” by gayme & junior read beat.”]

[junior reid sings]

(infa- infamous!)
yeah n-gg-! (g-uuuunit!)
f-ck 40glocc huh? ! [2 gun c-cks]
oh, n-gg- you a 40glocc killa? ! [automatic gunshots]
you b-tch–ss n-gg-, you ain’t say “f-ck 40glocc”! [automatic gunshots]
when i was at your motherf-ckin’ crib n-gg-…
you ain’t say f-ck 40glocc, d-mn n-gg-!
what it do n-gg-? !
i’m a show you how the real crips get in!

the westcoast is back at ’em, flashin’ the mack at ’em
bust two up the accura. – call me the black dracula!
flippin’ birds like spatulas with crack i’m spectacular
you clap i clap back, blaaat! – that’s the p-ssenger.
how the f-ck i’m a leave and i barely came?
this the resurrection, n-gg-z addin’ fuel to my flame! (fuel to my flame!)
my dedigation rep the hood mash for tha game
catch you and ya n-gg-z slippin’ – and sn-tch off ya chain!
i’m a two tone tommy tucker! – tummy tucker!
stick a d-ck in ya momma’s stomache! – 40 a m-th-f-cka! (hahaha!)
big bad 4-0! – now the streets is talkin’,
hit ’em up with sign language, now them heats is talkin’.
this fuacets gotta leak, get the coffins ready, (biactch!) (“dj nik bean! “)
plug ’em full of holes and his followers wittem.
he 6-4 swingin’ from the b-lls of fifty
the new face of la – more b-tch than whitney.
i used to whistle for the homies, now i’m like (aight cuzz!)
run ’em of the road knock a hole in them dubs.
the b-lls is big! – so is the buzz!
f-ck a .38 snub, i got a glock in the club!
we can lock up head up, tic-tack (blaaaapp!)
the west ain’t never left, how you bring it back? !
only b-tch–ss n-gg-s cover over they tats
and wake up by the comas – with’ no get back! (get back!)
i’m a kick an’ push his -ss like he lupe fiasco
and tear this p-ssy – a whole new -sshole!
he talk more sh-t then his -ss can hold
ask bishop lamont! – or gl-sses malone!
even essay’s says i wanna see like homes
in the hood gettin’ blunted, get my c-walk on!
you wanna get flame on – i’ll heat you up!
on colt and city crip-up, i’ll beat you up!
f-ck you and your label! [gun c-cks] (what set you claim? !) [blast]
i’ll diss that too, if you was really to bang
he playin’ head games, let the games begin!
i’ll bring him the choppers (game over!) – all you see is!

is that n-gg- real? !
i find to kill him!
i know some real! [gun c-cks]
n-gg- this crip! [blast]