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lirik lagu 4 lil larry – jubilee



coolest n~gga in yo city, even when i’m not in town/
thought dat i fell off my pivot whole time i then doubled down/
i’m tunin everything by ear fa full uniqueness in my sound/
predetermined fo’ da womb gone introduce a newer style/

bar 4 bar i wear em out they know exactly what i’m bout/
talk is cheap n i could nev trust these n~ggaz word a mouth/
how they throwin shade u think da hatin really help em out/
kickin sh~t da player way for me it ain no other route/

young n~ggaz prowling for some freaks to keep em company/
sometimes it backfired on me b~s in love wit me/
i’m tryna run some paper up u tryna be up under me/
u sayin i ain sh~t i got b~s why try to cuddle me/

ice cold flow go ask these h~es who else is cool is me/
bunch a b~s push up tryna functions like da jubilee/
ohio california but my heart is in virginia beach/
thug n~ggaz posted at da jubilee on chesapeake/