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lirik lagu 3xfast – no time


holding back the feelings i have for you
forbidden to tell you what i think
the poison they call l-st is running through my veins
it’s driving me insane
it hurts each and everyday
tell me what to do or say
to have you in my arms
by my side
out of just my mind and in my life
oh god what i would give to have you be mine

when’s it gonna be my time?
to give you all i have and more

try and understand
i’m not gonna treat you like everyone else
you gave me a chance and that is all i ask for
not much more
i never thought it could turn out this way
try to give you my heart and find the words to say
i care for you
i’ll be there for you
what more is there for me to do?
don’t you dare blow me off
havent i paid all my dues?

when’s it gonna be my time
to give you all i have more

putting an end to all these games
you only tell me what i wanna hear
just tell me how it is
let me take care of all the tears
your day will come
when you know what its like to be in my shoes
to like someone
only have your heart battered and bruised