a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 #

lirik lagu 3rd bass – al’z a-b-cee’z


(wait, alan,
may i interest you in coming over to the giggenbush wit me?)
no no no, dis is my spot
don’t try and steal my spot
a – a is for the atrocious acts that you abominated and committed
a is also for -ss, ate nine, eight seven and six
b b b
b is for your belligerent b-tchy bottomous state of affairs bad bwoy
c is for the cantankerous condition of your character
you have no cutout
d is for the downright dastardly deeds that you do, dummy
despite your degradations, +dialect+ distributed by disc
$12.95 for record and $10.95 for tape
e – e is for the everlasting th-rn in my flesh
f is for flesh itself – f-ck you!
g – get out my house
h – homer
i – idiot
j – j-ck-ff
king, king k
alan king of my castle
l is for the locquacious letter i’m about to lacerate your fat-ss wit
m – my, my, my, my, my son
alan are you mad? the question is no
n – n is for new york city
o – oh o, oh no
you mean o oppression? ostrich-sized oppression
p – the plague that plagued our family name b-tch!
q – quote
don’t you question your quacky quagmire within your intelligence quotient?
r r, r – you mean r r, are you ready?
rash ravager, rudeness, unruly rambunctious rickety
rough, rest {-snores-} resume
s – sh-tty, savage sacred – you sucker
t t t – you wan tea bwoy? wake up and smell da coffee!
u – you will never understand
v – vamoose, you vicious vermin
w w {-crying-} w is for the tears. you make me wept
x, x – x amount of times i tell you
you could have gone to xavier to study the xylophone
y? i don’t know
z is for zany, picture perfect like zenith
z is for zoom, ok, clock z’s