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lirik lagu 347aidan - cover man



cover man, cover man
couple m’s, couple things
for my bank account and my friends
can’t let it get to my head
weed smoke so dense
dreams got intense
sitting on the fence back and forth with all my plans
plane ride
loving how they waste time
sometimes need a blank mind
to escape in the blue sky
life’s your playground, get crеative
i will never stop crеating
this my future that i’m claiming
anyway i wanna frame it
i hope my next life is dope as this
in a planet we don’t know exists
double up tryna couple up
maybe fall in love with a girl i like
time been feeling paralyzed
let’s not waste another night
she likes me for my other side
looking out my hazy eyes
seeing things in a different light
the sunshine of this spotless mind
the sunshine of the spotless mind
escaping in a big blue sky
don’t gotta single thought today
won’t care if i just fade away
get up, get up
it’s time to visit my old therapist
my dreams more vivid than they ever been
i’m an outer sp~ce chameleon
a robot that’s in human skin
i’m glad i found my way to live
you told me that it’s sink or swim
tryna blend in with the other fish

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