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lirik lagu 30 foot fall – yeah we’re a mess


i’m doing my best to navigate
remembering, trying to relate
what i think and what i think of myself
has never mattered so much
everybody’s got something going on
i can’t say i’m right
you can’t say i’m wrong
i think there’s nothing unnatural about wanting to

sometimes i go out of my way
stuttering the next right thing to say
fumbling the next right move to make
somehow sometimes i still end up
left out
and all i’ve got to show for my work
all i’ve got to show is a foot in the mouth

yeah we’re running a little bit hot tonight
i can’t even see my toes because of the shoe’s i’ve got
and let me tell you that the souls are wearing thin
i can’t remember half the places that i’ve been
looking for what i haven’t found around here
everybody getting busy denying themselves
talking loud about what we don’t know
trying to keep our secrets on the down low

yeah we’re a mess but still
i can’t wait until
we’re all together again
waiting for someone or something
something or someone to take us home

all these icy waters and these lonely islands
stay put you’ve gotta p-ss the time alone
jump in you run the risk of dying exposed
sometimes it lays me out on the floor
i wonder if i want any more
and i just need time to figure out
how to dislodge this foot in my mouth