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lirik lagu 3 inches of blood – demons blade


the trumpets sound the end
the crack of seals break
impending devastation brings the fall
the sun it turns to black
the weak will burn
the leader comes with the evil sword
the sun it sinks
into the sea
as they last rays fade and die
prophesize the fall of creation’s peak
make the righteous suffer for all time
make them suffer for all time
demons that exist only in the night
conjured from the earth’s decay
the blackened wings of h-ll
finally come unfurled
the songs of the birds
the glow of the dawn
the sights
the sounds
eternally gone
cut down by a demon’s blade
by strange forces it was made
the demon’s blade
a masterstroke with the devil’s every swing
the h-ll you dreamed of was never so real
now you’ll pray to the sting of the steel
no opposition can counter the strike
the first ranks of holy men fallen aside
chaotic weapon
only held by one
bl–dy hilt
demonic thrill
cursing god’s son
cut down by a demon’s blade
by strange forces it was made
cut down by a demon’s blade
the demon’s blade
a crimson mist will bathe the land
all are driven mad who inhale the wind
behold the eve of the end of the world