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lirik lagu 3 feet smaller – suffocate me


i will not forget the way
you ask me if i will stay
if i will spend the night with you
we were together 2 years long
but now its over, now you are gone
why did you leave me here alone?

i never thought that i will spend a night alone aigan
but i can’t take it anymore that i am just you’re friend
i know that i was mean to you and i am so sorry for
for all the things i called you when i was
drunken again
my life is now like it was before
anoyed and boring, without you
routine has taken it’s place now
i see you with your new boyfriend
can’t figure out why you hold his hand
he’s the oposite of me (can’t you say h-llo to me)

i wanna hold you one last time (5x)