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lirik lagu 3 daft monkeys – eyes of gaia


look around with eyes of gaia.
you can burn inside desire.
look around with eyes of gaia.
you can relight inner fire.

feel the connection, you and the rest.
it’s the soul purpose, the love and the jest.
feel the connection, future and past.
it’s the soul purpose, the eternal contrast.

when you’re tired of the moment and you’re tired of the
tired of the sunrise and tired of the fools.
when you’re sitting in your kitchen with a lovely day
friends come to visit, you run away and hide.

and you say “oh me, oh my. why oh why?”

when you’ve run out of excuses that you made up in your
you know you should be living but you’re lying in your
when the p-ssion has deserted you and your getup has all
you’re tired of sleeping but the days are far too long.