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lirik lagu 2wavy rob – intro


[intro: 2wavy rob]
runnin through the bag tryna get my stacks up
went to f-ck yo girl man she f-cked that up(x4)

[verse 1]
runnin through the bag and my name is rj
all these hoes no i dont play runnin up a check
like every single day and trust me i got them plays
nighas talkin crazy but i dont talk to em
they tryna hurt the grind so i dont fawk wit em
on a mission wit my nigha ej and if you talkin
crazy we comin yo way… have ya mama sayi
why you hurt my baby
next thing you kn im smackin an old lady
gtfo my face lil hoe and everybody kn my neck on froze
tryna put on for the team… real thing
tryna put on for the team… real thing
but nighas d-ck ridin evrybody else
so 2wavy the only real crew left
and that crazy thats crazy
got girls tryna have my baby
but can’t f-ck wit no hoe
cause they all do sh-t on the low
and i peep i peep
these hoes got me weak
dont slide in my dm cause its gone get deleted b-tch!!