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lirik lagu 2smokeyy (active gxng) – wheel up


[intro: ? & 2smokeyy]
the real hitters are back on the rebar
done been having camden in a headlock
are you listening?
free ba, free hitman, free ar
r.i.p the f~cking ridders, hit the sh~t
bm to the o made this one, you know
the waps in camden has gotta beat opps
of course i lied

[part 1: 2smokeyy]
i just stepped with bro bro
taped off a postcode
sh~t then sh~t, i just caused me a mess
my soliciter’s talking tens
so you know i gotta [?] out on them
circle around and around like karma
send me an opp, i creep up and qweng
i ain’t looking for love like kiki
step with dd and squeeze at them (ey, ey)
had a ney~ney, shoulda seen men dance when i let that spray
h done three in a day and alert got two when he backed his blade
i got, i got the unknown t on my face
one v9, two dot~dots
men held a tko that day
the [?] kickback, so cray cray
the waps in camden has gotta beat opps
of course i lied
don’t do nothing but hide
cah we risking freedom if we use this rise
it’s so imminent that i’m militant to them oppositional fakers
dominant in them dingers
man’s so sparked and when i’m in it