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lirik lagu 2smokeyy (active gxng) – no filter freestyle


reckz got bun
gh got bun
gsqueeze got splashed and reckz tried run
lebz got splashed when he got splashed
leg shot, s tied m that one
yevz and broadday, two in a day
toxic and [?] got got on that one
[?] to the chest with blitz
shout hitman, my [?] one
ro got splashed and so did kash
them man rubbers but ain’t on rash
[?] got splashed and so did barz
blitz too loose, he might ching his splash
psycho away, got chinged x2
my n~gga yevz come way too tappy
c1 [?] was dying, should’ve learnt his lesson
then try hide from a shotgun man
i still blur my face in p~ss
cah i left john doe with his vision all blurry
alert and h are my man
and i took [?] down, done my man dirty
[?] got bunned, [?] got bun
but you know i’m still riding dirty
mizz got splashed and so did 40
3ar, judge done him dirty
sus and sy, that’s nothing but trouble
how many opps got left in a puddle?
ceemizz got left in pieces
man got done like a jigsaw puzzle
culprit screamed, got packed and the gangdem laughed
we knew you guys would buckle
we don’t know nothing bout subtle
7 and a’s, is a camden couple
i can count what’s left of the gang with my hands
but it’s calm, we ain’t nothing but drillers
[?] gang of k!llers
talk bout us, that’s nothing but [?]
real 9 got 2 k’s each
no mba, but my n~ggas are billing
rest up gucci, a man try nae nae
numerous gunshots, brilliant finish
i don’t know where he got that name from
[?] once and he ain’t done drills
the 9 with a [?]
really got down pigs in a field
so why b and i backed your bae bae
tripped but dipped like usain still
i try dip that, swing that, dig that
screaming out [?] but the ching been chill
ay, anyway
a’s up or get f~cking shaved up