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lirik lagu 2shaddy – breakin’ in


knock knock, get on the floor
i came to sabotage
all of the m-th-f-ckin gates
the 2 did survive
it’s 2 six to one triple 8
it’s 2 six versus all the gangs behind that gate
yea b-tch’ i’m really where i’m supposed to be
got some fame, chicks wanna get close to me
low profile and curious to see
how it goes to be
how the flames, shows the pro in me
any rapper you try sh-t on, i already sh-tted on
any new sound you like, i already did a song
the watcher, keeping it m-th-f-ckin’ low
until the riches pop up, with some heavy -ss dough
a long story short
man – i’m bout to attack
male and female
they got my back
ask blac, shorty came up and told me i’m hot, what not
she got a accent and she’s coming with us, top spot – i tell her

i’ma dark night ridah
you a daylight chick
how about we get to together and start working on sh-t
let’s begin…

this rap game phony
locking out my clique
we ?? the 2 six and go start the sh-t
we breakin’ in…

they volunteer to partic-p-te in criminal acts
as long as, it’s includes some fame and being on tracks
as long as it includes some glocks and includes me 2. they got a mad thing for joining my 2 six crew
(ha-ha-ha – he-he-he)
these m-th-f-ckas wanna roll with a g like me
laugh at em a bit for going with that ugly -ss choice
break it down’ go black – possessed with my rap voice
(i done hit every city with my voice box)
i done banged and dodged real bullets
that’s why it’s hot, i did go west, and i did visit the north
i did move through the south with my m-th-f-ckin force
tell these m-th-f-ckas to stop me now, i wanna see if they can top me now – they ain’t about it, no
i work to get it, something ’bout it now
they can’t live without it now, don’t even doubt it hoe

i’ma dark night ridah
cold hearted and sh-t
i don’t f-ck with daytime, so at night – i get rich
i begin…

this rap game phoney
jeopardized my clique
we threw up the 2 six and sabotaged their sh-t
we broke’ in…