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lirik lagu 2ru3 – hold u down


tears in my eyes when i think about all the things i’ve seen
so many friends, so many people who claim that they believe

that they be down and they be souljas and they really be riding
but when things really get kind of hard you recognized who be lying

i’m your friend and your partner, i’m your real soulja
i know you never thought i’d be here this long, but i’m still here and you know it

real love is inside of me and that’s the only thing that’s flowing
you may have done me wrong, but please understand i forgive you and i’m growing

i pray to the lord every day and night, that he bless you and keep you
never wanna see you being that one physically or spiritually sleeping

in the physical sense i’m meaning 6 feet you know what i’m talking about
i’m simply letting you know no matter what they say, i’mma hold you down