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lirik lagu 2rhymes – weed is the devil


( verse one )
yeah! doing drug is a cool thing
but am telling you that it is terrible so don’t wait till your phone rings
this is sense if you fail to understand
so f-ck wherever you stand
till i pull out my little blings…..
am sorry am a preacher am wreckless on my driving sk!lls
am on the road to greatness smoking weed is like my daily meal
care about my dollar bills
smoke and weed at club, go to pharmacy and grab my pills… you feel?
( eh! eh! eh! )
ma lo binu toba rimi ninu bently
ti mo lon ooze cos am always thinking mentally…
end me , them no send me
dem say i never blend gbe omolota ko blend me

( hook )
weed is the devil
blow another blunt get high on the level
cloud9 no mean say you close going to heaven
nothing is special but weed is special……

( verse two )
mo ti f-gbo yo , ye! mo ti moti yo
mo ti gbowo show padi mi malor crush o! ( crush o )
who is the king of the west ?
africa rapper number 2… i am better than the rest
( yeah ! yeah ! yeah ! yeah ! )
this is not a threat
( yeah ! yeah ! yeah ! yeah ! )
music on my mothaf-cking head
( yeah ! yeah ! yeah ! yeah ! )
i will be aiming for your head and you will be dead
( yeah ! yeah ! yeah ! yeah ! )
that’s what i said

exhale……………….. ahhhhhh!

smoking weed getting high on the burning bush
ma lo fa paw paw kon ma lo pe fun e ni burning kush
in my hood farabale kin explain
awon jjc ma jabor sere lori train.. ( argh! )
give me a gun and a weed i will mis-behave
i can’t say am the king but obviously i am not a slave
compare me to ice prince am gonna say nothing
but compare me to lil kesh i will put a nail on your coffin

( repeat chorus )

( verse three )
mo ti f-gbo yo x8
( emi ko mon soro , gbana lon soro x2)
creativity lies deep inside me
i grew up fom the local so knowledge is far above me
don’t say weed , i said weed and yah’al listen to
if you become a huge success some haters be dissing you
i think deep write deep cos am f-cking with the devils wife
i grabbed fame and now amma f-ck that b-tch for life
shoutout si fatai , g student , balo meteta
awon temi ni eweje ati blow oya e pa data