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lirik lagu 2prime1 – im goin fight


[hook 2prime1]

try to kick me down
try to knock me out
they don’t know what the f-ck i am about
stand up guy ready for the next bout
mike tyson in the last round
concrete is cold,back against the wall
but you know i’m going to fight
ready for the war,vow to never fall
b-tch you know i’m going to fight
[verse 1 2prime1]

i am,the river that never dries
the truth that never lies,the man that never cries
a cut above the other guys,one of the sharpest minds
the devil in your eyes but an angel in disguise
make them realize that a legend never dies
i know pain i know strife so i live life
cutting through the b-tter like a red hot knife
because money never enough
i missed the soft spot so i fell on the rough
you know i’m from the streets so i kind of had it tough
hard to make it out,but had to make it out
-and i’m a brother in a white mans world so i’m standing out

[verse 2 2prime1]

see i’m a gang banger,you just a gang member
welcome to the ghetto,the real toture chamber
here you could get shot,and no one will remember
because everyone knows snitching puts your life in danger
sh-t is f-cked up,sh-t is kind of crae
all ways on the grind hardly find time to pray
flipping yay for the pay day
no handouts in the ghetto people look the other way
so i am,the man that make them wonder why
the one they couldn’t compromise
the story that was never televised
the one they keep taking shots at but still alive
my best homie left my side