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lirik lagu 2peace – weird phone conversation


he’s gonna call up the pizza

h-llo,how can i help you?

[nate ca$h]
i’d like 2 pizzas for me and my ms.we’re gonna eat pizzas

what kind of pizza do you want?
would you like pizza with a little bit of french croissant?

[nate ca$h]
i want pepperoni!
not a phony!

would you like the pepperoni with salt?
or would you want…
the french croissant

[nate ca$h]
i would like the french croissant with a side of mayonnaise

you want mayonnaise?
this is a pizza place!
there’s no mayo in the whole d-mn place!
there’s no mayonnaise in the pizza place
stop talking to me with your little face!

[nate ca$h]
this is a pizza place?i thought it was mario’s pizzeria
why do you sell croissants if you’re a pizza place and not mayonnaise?

this is a many pizzas do you want from here?
just tell me how many pizzas you want
and please stop being such a little croissant
do you want a croissant?
or not?

[nate ca$h]
the croissant!

would you like a side of pepperoni with your croissant?
is that what you want?
do you want salt?
do you want a bit of my salt?

[nate ca$h]
ok,i’m gonna tell you what i want one more time
i want pepperoni pizza with a side of lime
i also want…
a croissant
with a side of pepperoni
pepperoni pizza with a side of lime and a croissant
with a side of pepperoni pizza

what would you like with your pepperoni?h-llo!

[nate ca&h]
h-llo,bro!what is up?
i asked for the pizza,but you didn’t bring it.why?what’s up?

i brought you a cup
you wanted the croissant
isn’t that what you want?
don’t you want this little french croissant?
or do you want the salt?
just to make that fit

[nate ca$h]
duuude surfer bro,calm down,man!
duuude,you don’t really understand
i asked for the pizza that i paid for online
now you just bring me one lime?
in a cup with some ice?really?

i’m trying to order mexican food over the phone
so now i’m gonna tell you to just go home
wait,this is your home!
i’m gonna go and get drunk