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lirik lagu 2pac – deadly venomz


we goin’ platinum n-gg-, platinum
yeah, you got the live squad in this motherf-cker
we got my n-gg- treach from naughty by nature in this motherf-cker
my n-gg- apache up in this motherf-cker

my mossberg goes boom, gimme room, can i catch it
talkin’ quick and then i vic just tryin’ to keep from gettin’ blasted
i had enough i put a hit upon them b-st-rds
boo-yaa, turned a snitch into a casket

now they after me, prowling for a n-gg-z bucks
time to see, who’s the g, with the bigger nuts
buck buck, big up and livin’ reckless
n-gg-z with a death wish step in with a tec and i’ll wet this

yeah, this sh-t is hyper
two to one i’m writing representing and i’m striking like a viper
huh, i got my mind made up, i got my nine
ring the alarm and strong arm must run

some n-gg-z need to feel me with a p-ssion
i’m old fashioned
run up on me n-gg- and get blasted
with 5 deadly venomz

yeah, ‘pac, f-ck that, still hittin’ ’em up with
that old deadly sh-t, aiyyo treach where you at?
step up and hit they -ss up with the wickedness

we come to hit you with a sock full of brooklyn to the onyx of
your nose, punk is funky like skunk blunts, stunk like funk c-nt
i come to take you on a war rough and rugged route
and if another doubts i blow your f-ckin’ mother out

and that’s the street scarred style
i shout i’m-de-mc-wit’-de-nasty-mouf and kick the b-tch out
sue me? i pay the lawyer for ya oh boy yeah
plus my style’s ten to twenty f-ckin’ pounds more

i take you quicker than a picture of a punk ya pickin’ sh-t
pickin’ pockets with a razor stoppin’ russian rockets
not shoplift, i’m liftin’ shop
once you sound hot, ’cause if you ain’t a perfect ten my sign is stop

it’s twenty mother-crooked-f-ckin’ styles in ’em
like women i did ’em i’m in for deadly ready venom

yeah, as i take a puff i get rough, big maj
to put it on, can’t none come tougher see
i’m down with the sound of the squad hard, boom
breakin’ ’em down, i make ’em see their doom

coming straight from the dome where i roam it’s a job to
rob and steal and runnin’ from the coppers
who hold a, boulder, turn the gun controller
started from a punk now to be a high roller

youngest, reckless, crazy, disaster
mac-11 blaster, and i run faster
than a lot of cops i can’t be stopped till my head gets popped
a lot of f-ckin’ bodies will drop

it’s a disaster, i’m coming for the blood splatter
i make you scatter, leavin’ trails of brains and bladders
blowin’ ’em out the frame with no shame
game tight, drop a body then get out of sight

count my loot after i shoot, leave my kicks up and it’s
something i don’t wanna do, somethin’ that i never did
i try to get him, i think i hit ’em, i lit him
he’s out, a poison, a deadly venom

yeah maj, f-ck that, you know how we do
knowhati’msayin’? squad in effect, yg’z in effect
now you know a n-gg- like me gotta represent

once again, back to rip sh-t, quick on the flip tip
the psycho, represent the real to take the mic flow
deadly, rock a head g, check the melody
n-gg-z can’t touch me when i wreckin’ g you better flee

’cause i’m gifted with a jab and a forty-four mag
so n-gg- flip or take a trip in a body bag
uhh, boom you slipped up, now you’re zipped up
yeah, one more statistic, fronted and got ripped up

no joke, you be yolk, no matter how it sound
we’re taking over eight n-gg-z back to the stomping grounds
line ’em up single file, dome runnin’ in ’em
a n-gg- hit ’em with the venom, the fourth deadly venom

n-gg-, yaknowhati’msayin’? f-ck that
i told you, we takin’ over, yo ‘pac

five deadly venomz verse five be the livest
strugglin’ and strive, keep a nine in my waistline
take mine, you better bury me, g
punk -ss n-gg-z don’t even worry me, see

i got a glock that say ‘pac run the block
f-ck the cops ’cause my gauge gets me, paid
as i sit and reminesce about the old days
hugging on my ak, f-ck getting played, hey

i say n-gg-z need to get they mind right
until they do, i pop a clip and grip my nine tight
now it’s on everday could be my last day
that’s why i blast on they -ss as i past let the gl-ss spray

first you had a mouth full of fronts
now you’re mouth’s full of chunks
pac’s out puffin’ blunts
deadly venomz

yeah, p-ss that sh-t over here
apache bout to clean sh-t up

throw up your middle finger, start the track for the maniac
only thing i’m givin’ out is black donuts and dirty backs
let me tell how you rough i get
i pop sh-t behind your back get in your face and pop the same sh-t

you can’t get in because my gate’s bigger i’ma snake n-gg-
my act guards me so hard i pull the f-ckin’ trigger
i’m a section to clinch your porch is like a pinch
test a rhyme, i’ll knock your hairline back an inch

f-ckin’ up pooh-b-tts, cut em like cold cuts
choke ’em with my boot lace, then leave ’em hangin’ like old nuts
clip up and move out, time to get ’em
that’s the results of f-ckin’ with the fifth venom in denim

yeah, yaknowhati’msayin’?
five motherf-ckin’ deadly venomz, in effect for ninety-three
ninety-four, ninety-five all that other sh-t
we takin’ this motherf-cker over this larger hit
yaknowhati’msayin’? follow us, come along, yaknowhati’msayin?
we takin’ this motherf-cker over, trust, we out