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lirik lagu 2pac outlawz – tattoo tears


live back at ‘cha westside baaaaby
aight f–k it, we gone flip some new s–t now
you heard “all eyez on me,” ni–az know what time it is
(makaveli the don) ‘pac do it like that
rhymin and stealin, sellin five million
(outlaw.. ninety-nine)
fresh out on bail, ni–az still can’t see me
(napoleon, e.d.i, young n-ble, fatal hussein)
that’s how it is
now we got a new motherf–kin plan, and a new mission
(makaveli the don, greg nice, outlaw – outlaw)
compet-tion, so they say, these ni–az is gay
(outlaw – outlaw)
blast me? it could never happen
at least not while i’m walkin and rappin
heard of some ni–az on the other side of town who wanna ride wit me
(throw ya hands up, hands up)
they can’t hide, listen to the rough s–t, my click
(throw ya motherf–kin hands up)

i said many times busters still can’t see
y’all ni–az can’t f–k with me (outlaw)
i been, handlin stress in this s–t for years
blazed out sheddin tattooed tears