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lirik lagu 2pac outlawz – as the world turns


as the world turns..
as the world turns my ni–az grow and grow and grow
and get dough and roll and ride
ni–az die and mommas cry
ni–az got alibis and suicides and homicides
and three strikes and yo’ life and my life and times change
and ni–az fame, as the world turns..

though i walk thru the valley of h-ll the shadow follows me
wisdom hard to swallow tomorrow expect apologies
you probably panic, stranded in search of a better planet
realism hard to understand, we stand slanted
and still stranded, merciless thieves stole the best of me
i pray to black jesus to please take the rest of me
and still, the best of us build, and reach monetary gains
some of us kill, but still, most of us can change
if we search deeper, god bless the hustler, curse the first sleeper
enemies get beside me, flows go deeper inside
we we ride plots keep all my enemies blinded
time will soon show, a thought can last for years
outshinin them fakes smile plastic tears
like last year, ni–az stuck in the past, and it’s clear
just some busta a-s b-st-rds allergic to cash this year
makaveli for the mob, m-o-b
killin bustaz is my motherf–kin job, him or me
lyrically fatally driven, ni–az reported missin
my compet-tion dead or in prison, as the world turns…

[chorus: darryl ‘big d’ harper, (tupac – in background)]

(turns.. turns, turns, turns, and turns
my ni–az grow and grow and grow
and gettin dough and dough and dough
from this state to that state
from this cell to that cell, as the world turns)

as the world keeps turnin round and round
it’s gon’ be goin round as the world turns.. and steady turnin

[young n-ble]
as the world turn burnin paths, starin through my rearview
it’s a war goin on, and the president is in too
i hear tu-pac sayin, “watch em they’ll kill you”
sippin thug pa-sion, scrub actin like he feel you
steady plottin, ready or not