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lirik lagu 2nd in command – tell me something i don’t know


chorus (cosmo):

i never said that we would be alright
i never said we’d make it out alive
this unholy dance is keeping me in a trance
just go while you have a chance
yeah, i got issues

verse 1 (2nd):

i’m sorry, rayne, that i couldn’t make your burdens easier
i’m such a sh~tty friend, but till the end, i be with you
because of what i see in you, the artistic spark
your passion, your power, you’re a light in the dark
and i’m sorry, elly, that our interests drifted
i didn’t put enough of an effort, i’m such a dipsh~t
but just know: for you? i’d f~cking move mountains
your wise words, i couldn’t go without them
i’m sorry, elise, because i never call or text
just know that i wish you the best
our picture’s still up on my wall, it’s still framed in my head
and i’m gonna cherish it until the day i’m dead
and i’m so sorry, echo, for losing my temper
snapping at you wasn’t right and i have to remember
that my words have consequences, hurt other people
and if i don’t remember that, i’m no better than evil
i’m so sorry, wynter, for dragging you into my sh~t
i wish i could say i wasn’t normally like this
but i was so stuck on an idea
of a future that was never gonna happen
now i see you and i feel nothing but guilt
cause your life is your life, and i wrote about it in a f~cking song
post getting rejected, i only brought up the tension
i never thought of the question: “are you ok with this?”
and i’m sorry that you had to deal with her and i
layed on all our burdens, why
it doesn’t matter how mo f~cking hard i claimed to try
and i respect that you won’t pick a side
you are so f~cking strong, you have one of the kindest souls
you have pressed through so many struggles, god only knows
that i believe you will make such a difference in the world
go get em, girl
chorus (2nd):

i never said that we would be alright
i never said we’d make it out alive
this unholy dance is keeping me in a trance
just go while you have a chance
yeah, i got issues
tell me something that i don’t know

verse 2 (2nd):

apologies are due, but i’ll wait for the rest
i’ll erase all this pain from my chest
yeah, my brain is a mess. yeah, it’s my fault
yeah, when a friend leaves, inevitably, i fall
yeah, when i finally find somebody to vent too
i say two words, and they hate me, they say i meant too
start sh~t up. yeah, no
you live off the drama. “yeah, so?”
i’m happy for once, in your absence
this the last verse that i’ll write about you
you and i severed ties, cuz you’re so traumatized
and you have to share the pain in your eyes
but the aims in your lies, you say i make it all about me
fine, let’s make it all about me
let make it about i worry too easily
let’s make it all about how for years, you were teasing me
you begged me “believe in me”, begged me to leave
as the tears you shed were like lead on my sleeve
you weighed me down, took advantage of my kindness
i genuinely thought you had changed
and yeah, sure, you did somewhat
but not for the better, things will never be the same
let’s make it all about us
went along with his claims, make it all about us
well, i’m shattering my chains, make it all about us
cuz you sure love to claim it was all about l~st
“you only agree with her cuz you wanted to make a point”
maybe, just maybe, i agreed with her cause she had a f~cking point
i’m sorry for the lack of rhymes, but i’m back in those blasted times
i’ll show facts in the track this time
(you) cried in the darkness, fearing your beater
then afterwards, you went awol, a serial cheater
it’s like you’re never satisfied
how many guys will you lead on until you die?
how many guys will you make sympathize
with your bullsh~t plight and your pleading eyes
tell em sorry!
chorus (2nd):

i never said that we would be alright
i never said we’d make it out alive
this unholy dance is keeping me in a trance
just go while you have a chance
yeah, i got issues
tell me something that i don’t know

verse 3 (2nd):

in some ways, she had a point. i’m fairly pushy
if i think somethings off, won’t hesitate to proceed
sharing my mind about the issue
ruined some friendships, most of them, i miss you
listen, i feel our globe on my shoulders
as the weight gets passed to the teens who are older
as the woods all smolder, and the evil spreads over
i will only find peace as my skin gets colder
yeah, i’m over this. i’m over growing up
i’m over acting tough when the world gets rough
i’m over no longer being able to cry
i’m over politicians leaving starving children to die
i’m over choosing between two rapists
over feeling like i’ll get prosecuted if i have to say this
cause the world one cruel f~cking b~tch~ she’s a s~d~st
she will tear your heart out as news reports the latest
i’m over chasing ladies, over feeling lonely
over having to cut off people who can’t console me
over rampant racism, over f~cking bigotry
over thinking bout what all the toxic people did to me
over thinking bout death, over waiting for my last breathe
over this pain in my chest
over just pretending that the world is never~ending
stop depending on my mood, i’m not fine, i guess
over feeling useless, over being used
over being powerless and watching you abused
over feeling dread when i turn on the news
and see that thousands of people are dead, i’m so confused
i don’t get it
how hard is it to care about someone?
why is it so hard to let people go?
why can’t i cry anymore?
why do i feel the need to write this song?
why am i even here?
what’s my purpose?
all i wanna do is help people
but i can’t do anything
i’m nothing