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lirik lagu 2nd in command – christmastreefreestyle!


verse 1 (2nd):
keep this sh~t short and simple~ you’re a b~tch
grip is cataclysmic, act like a lich
listen, you’re missing your missus
her kisses are planted on my christmas list
i don’t need diamonds, got bells on my wrist
love my girls balm~ her chocolatey lips
“yo, he saucin n sh~t! got the floss and the drip”
no ones talking sh~t like “yo, it’s awesome he dipped”
it’s impossible k!lling me, b~tch i got mini~mes
looking like elves working on my christmas tree
go take the l, you’re tweeting vindictively
spend time with your family, dude, you depress me
you don’t want smoke~ your girl cleaned my chimney
your presence has crickets, i’m calling on jiminy
you just be whining “this don’t feel like disney!”
this the real world, b~tch, now kiss me
“why are you g~y” dunno, your boyfriends cute
and has a nice ass to boot
he right in my avenue, put the maid dress on
i don’t care about your gender, put the maid dress on
f~ck sh~tpost territory, put out what i want
ain’t got a big fan base, no money here to flaunt
so to stand out, wild out, do what i’m bout
party like knives out, she polishing mine now
she shedding her nightgown, ain’t do it for my pounds
bae got cake tho, alone in a nice town
“it’s christmas eve!” wanna go back to my house
“sure, why not, but don’t expect a high five now!”
two hours later, we’re undressed? (d~mn!)
who would’ve guessed?
we gotta kiss on what’s under the mistletoe
so i put mistletoe around my neck
verse 2 (lil deer):
i got all these rounds on me feel like a little drummer boy
pull up with a sack like santa but inside is not a toy
live life easy this sh~t is a cake walk
mix up purple inside of my eggnog
i am not santa i don’t get no days off
b~tch i get paper not letter in mail
tell santa this year i want a b~tch with a tail
cat ears last year i forgot the details
mad weird you capped here about all your sales?
i am not not krampus but i am a goated one
i was masked up before all of this covid bruh
you know it’s december so a lot is cumming
naughty list freak here and i asked for a dungeon
i got a 
big ass chopper big d~ck it is not sterol
your bl!cky sing? well mine got carols
break turkey’s wings then let out marrow
i’m fly
wrist dance different colors christmas lights
if ms. clause bad i’ll get inside
your b~tch call back i leave her crying