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lirik lagu 2nd generation wu – pxrokinesis


[intro: pxro]
~kung fu fighting sounds~
that wu sh~t

[verse: pxro]
godly, causing distortion in the forces
act out, n~gga won’t play until i pause him
rabbit, can’t get me off him, when i’m on it
addict, won’t keep me from sh~t when i want it
savage, [?] with these reporters
smoke napalm, see mushroom clouds from out north and stay high
endured how the stakes high, ate a [?]
bring terror, terror, new era ready for combat
we have an apb, son of a k!lla
the body that remain won’t explain the h0m~cides
warplay raw, bars gallbladder, sever your liver
everybody that remain close, can a alibi
thought to have a mans met and demand respect
thе crib like [?] flex, i dismantle nеcks
who next? this list for boxing, the checks connect
your presence felt based off the gift that i found in rep
you can feel it in your chest when i kick this sh~t like a spartan
came, grab the tape, i’m getting through it regardless
all on the way, [?] city like a tsunami
second gen’ wu, 7~5 to staten island
[pxro ~ prema777]
protect ya f~cking neck
protect ya f~cking neck
protect ya f~cking neck

[verse 2: intell]
throwing darts at the moon, i could damage the sky
i’m no nice and precise, i could bandage a fly
you wanna purge with the jury? watch him stand up and cry
lightweight, but with faith i can cancel a crime
godly, delivering portions from the fortress
attack me, damaging lackeys kissing asscheeks gladly
never met enemies who distract me
fasting, from all the frosting tryna pass me
since an embryo, been nice with the words
give my energy to those who reciting with nerve
going hard till i get the right price we deserve
say goodnight, my nightmares full of fiery birds
twenty third letter of the alphabet, calculus
counting chips, life is like a movie and a mound of clips
tatted on my neck, next step, now we exist
leave your minds scarred from the bars, we don’t aim and miss