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lirik lagu 2mf – i hate your airforces


[verse 1]
they thought he had strange ways ~ maddvilliany track 16
they didn’t rate the way he spat a 16
his bars were tough not sweet like 16
why he wasn’t your average teen
ahead mentally from his peers
he was different, it was clear
didn’t wear nike, usually three stripes
on his soundcloud unfamiliar sounds like being in costa rica and hearing bagpipes
all his friends smoked weed and cigarettes if they wanted tobacco they would smoke pipes
he didn’t need to, his head was always in the clouds like loose kites
thinking about synths or what he would say on the mic
and so he said:

[verse 2]
i hate your airforce 1s
why is it always the same things in your eardrums
always in your lane
life kinda lame
only do it because your friend does it
or favorite influencer thinks its buzzin’
now trends spreading like influenza
spreading like b~tter
but before you all thought i was a nutter
i say you walk in my shoes and are guided by my influence
you don’t give me the credit, i don’t care, i’m full of ignorance
[verse 3]
he walks on in his clothes, which will be popular by next season
listening to an unknown rapper who will blow, he will almost guarantee it
thinking about others actions and reasons
pondering if he should even care?
because right now they whisper and stare
but by next year
they want their share
in the pie
because before they were insecure and shy
but now it’s not november no more: it’s july
so apparently the pie is okay to have now
apparently it’s not disgusting or too hot it’s just right, anyhow
do these people live
no creativity like rhyming this with give or lid
but i’m talking no caps when i say i pave the way
the opposite to when you spell the name
i need a surfboard because i’m on the next wave
i’m not a social slave

its okay to be alternative and quirky

[verse 4]
but all of you lot do the same stuff
same clothes, same socks same glove
same weed, same drugs, same snuff
same songs, same artist
same attitude, never trying your hardest
what a shame for you i would be ashamed
all differences in ashes or in flames
all plain janes
no brains
just hive mind
going to the same light even though you all act blind
no one at the front no one behind
one path no side wine
only true you after too much cider and wine
or very late in the nighttime
everyone spit the same lines
same rhymes
talking about the same crimes
don’t want to offend so you don’t decide
your east and westside
red and blue
n~z~ and jew
wee and poo
tigger and winnie the pooh
lil’ pump and mf doom
the fork and the spoon
the sun and the moon
need for speed and the crew
snakes like kaa but somehow still baloo
your i and u
who would of knew
good kid maad city and harvard dropout is your favorite
you lot broke af and at the same time you made it
mike will and metro boomin
smart and stupid
black and white
left and right
wrong and right
day n nite
kid cudi and drake
your the give and the take
give or take
your on the fence more than a gate
your on the fence more than a no littering sign
your on the fence like a kid who’s dense
and is running from the feds
he’s stuck
like you in the middle
don’t wanna go either side because you might get in a pickle
like a gherkin
like an onion
always talking about nothing and somehow something
well… well…
well like jme
you watch me
man don’t care
in my adidas not nike air
opposite to basic
but i keep it basic
grey tee, black hoodie
bucket hat which says, a d
i d a s
whilst you lot look like the rest
it’s only airforces you invest
same nike grey tracksuit
i swear if no one else did, you wouldn’t pull your parachute
open your mind, stubborn yout
producing bad sounding hot air like a broken flute
you are a clone of each other
nurtured by the same mother
guided by the same influence
all lacking intelligence
in appearance
and thought
seems like the same lessons are always being taught
same strings loose same strings taught
all wanna be a 1 but all are a naught
and don’t plan on change
because when the average has a range of zero
and an anomaly is a villain or hero
so it can’t be that hard to be unique
so to speak
you all need approval so to speak
you ask approval to the nearest seat
and they don’t know, so the answer’s weak
maybe if you confer
with everybody here
you might get an answer
and even then they will ask further
so in conclusion i hate your airforces
unless they remind me of you
and not 2 halves of your crew
custom ones are nice
shame they don’t make custom humans any more
guess i’m part of the lab mice