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lirik lagu 2j – intellection


running these bills cause they running from me
running that paper cause they running from 3
keep that in mind cause she is as fine as the sea

if i had to talk well give me the key
talking out here like i’m talking for real
doing flips and stinging dem eels
give me that key i paid in bills
donuts on my wrist u know that real
looking at my wrist looking at wheels
feeling the line feeling my time feeling my shine
my intellections were captured by depression
feeling this music feeling real sick feeling this chick
feeling mind feeling my crimes feeling my rhymes
feeling this heat feeling this beat
feeling my life feeling my rights
ain’t stayin silent cuz if i did i’d be wildin
come on boi take your shot
come on boi what you got
come on boi u a op
took u out like that lock
u was slove is that all
bring ur crew
tell them too
they can catch these hands if they wanna mess with two
making all it real faking ur bills showing sk!lls showing ur deals
money gonna talk never gonna stop
idc care buy a big lot need a boat that’s a yacht
don’t need it small need it big need it real unlike whigs
vip check the list
i’m gonna hit
living the dream living it deep
jordans or money money gonna win
if it doesn’t what u gonna spend
money gonna walk
money gonna talk
money gonna stalk
money gonna knock
money out here like a money with my glock
pulling on your body cuz i’m pulling my shoty