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lirik lagu 2grim yvly – no love


[hook:] no, love left, for me. so i scream, into the, nothing. and i scream, for your love. eternally. [verse:] i don’t want you, i don’t want no one. i don’t need you, i don’t need no love. ain’t got sh~t left to prove, you ain’t gettin’ no trust. tried to give you my heart why’d you get so rough. someday i’ll be ridin’ ’round, screamin’ out “no love”. you’ll be waitin’ ’round for me, but i’ll ghost ya. and you know in my soul, i just wanna hold ya. but you’re cold, now i’m gettin’ too old yeah. soon i’ll be cold yeah. then i’ll turn to dust and stone yeah, that’s how the story goes now. i wish i didn’t have to burn ya, but i’m coal now. tryna get lost in this crowd. gettin’ lost in some drugs now. i’m drownin’ with no love now. i’m screamin’ out, “stop me, now.”, i’m callin’ out, no one there when i’m fallin’ out, no one there when i’m fallin out, fallin’ out, fallin’ out. [chorus:] no love, no love, no love, no love, no love, no love, no love, f~ck you. i’m not anger, i’m not hatred. i am innocence, and sweetness. i am whole, and i am kindness, i am peace. i’ve dug myself into this hole