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lirik lagu 2grim yvly – dream world


[verse 1:] feel like i’m awake again, or is it just another dream i’m walkin’ in. i just wanna shed this skin, baby now i’m shaking, gravity has taken all my strength, poured it down the sink, kicked me in the t~~th, life just ain’t for me. but i will defy the pull of time. it shouldn’t be a crime, if i preserve my mind. who are you to decide, something like my life? or my fate, when i die, i told you this is mine. i will never cease, you can never see, all the schemеs and the dreams that unfold inside my mind. i don’t needa brеathe, i don’t needa dream, everything i see is set, right before my eyes. [verse 2:] dreams start to stream across my vision, screams that no one hears cause they don’t listen. is it getting better, getting worse? i believe that we are cursed. lookin’ for a cure, search across the earth. destroyin’ every single thing in our path, we will feel the wrath, of nature’s firm grasp. you will be retaken, yeah, a choice you never had. so i write these last words, down in my pad. this was all a dream, you still chose not to see, the beauty deep inside of everything