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lirik lagu 2glokkstone – we ballin


( choppa gang in this building, yall know what we on we on that gang sh~t)

(verse 1 2glokkstone)
yeah we ballin´, shot callin´, yall know that we scorin´
we ain’t falling, we exhaling, come to my backyard so we can know that you mailing

we don got a computer, but we have a mac
yall so fat eat a d~mn big mac
im so fast im runnin´ on that track
its 2am get a midnight snack

we are on that game, we playin’ xbox
ima challenge you, lets see if you can beatbox
come to that backyard, open up that mailbox
we donẗ rap trash, we dont rap like matt ox

(nle choppa)
i just bought a new gun, i got a collection (collection)
b~tch, i shot up the church, i don’t f~ck with the reverend
he say i’m a demon, i won’t go to hеaven (b~tch)
but i’m talkin’ to god, he told me keep stеppin’ (ayy, ayy)
shot a n~gga in the pool, turn the water red (red)
perc’s got me itchin’ like the bugs in the bed (bugs in the bed)
“daddy, said what?”, b~tch, you heard what i said (you heard, b~tch)
extended clip long like the b~tch was a leg (ayy, ayy, ayy, yeah)
dragon ball z, b~tch, i’m finna goku (go crazy)
b~tch, i cut off the leash, shoulda stayed in the zoo (yeah)
“choppa you a ho”, n~gga, what? n~gga, who? (who?)
put a hole in yo’ body, same size as a hula hoop (grrt)
so many opps, i didn’t even know who to shoot (doo~doo~doo)
only thing you heard was, doo~doo, doo~doo
7.62s knock him right out his shoes (i did it)
yeah, i did it, but i still play it cool (ayy, b~tch)
in school, in the restroom, i was getting top (boaw, boaw)
at school, i was tired, ’cause i had me a drop (uh~huh)
when you ridin’ on the d~ck, b~tch, do a bunny hop (bunny hop)
god d~mn, finna nut, lil’ b~tch, don’t stop (yeah)
dumped the whole clip, b~tch, i ran outta ammo (prrt)
b~tch, i’m k!llin’ these n~ggas like dude in jango (no cap)
y’all n~ggas be flashin’, y’all should’ve been cammo (b~tch ass n~gga)
this choppa make ’em dance like it was tango
or the cupid shuffle, b~tch (b~tch)
her p~ssy stank up in this ho just like some ruffles, b~tch (yeah, yeah)
we ran a train up on the thot, she took a couple d~cks (she took)
i bust a nut an hour ago, she keep suckin’ it
[verse 3 polo g]
ain’t got no opps in cali’, still clutchin’ as i cruise the streets
my nina’ll f~ck you but this new glock .22 a freak
and no, i’m not a k!ller, but just don’t reach for these cuban links
gotta get back home, i can’t think twice if it’s you or me
b~tch, i had to boss up just to sh~t on who i used to be
just got my plate full, but hated when there were no food to eat
hope my n~ggas real, sometimes i don’t know if they usin’ me
thought i was abusin’ drugs, but really they abusin’ me
percocet dreams got me hummin’ in my sleep
your s~x is so addictive, got you runnin’ when i’m deep
like them masses, got a drill choppa drummin’ out that jeep
p~ssy, beat box in your air, n~gga, my .40, benz, my key