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lirik lagu 2gether – the hardest part of breaking up (is getting back your stuff)


c’mon, yeah
yeah, 2gethers in the house.
put your hands up in the air,
gonna make ya bounce.
(repeat 4x)

it’s been so long, since i’ve seen your face,
so long since i’ve been to 1st base (strike 3, you’re out!!)
i really miss, the feel of your kiss.
but can i have back my things, before i get really p-ssed?
you had my heart, my soul, my attention.
but you walked out my life, with my cd collection (we’re breaking up!!)

breaking up is hard enough (oh, oh, oh, oh)
say you have nothing, but i called your bluff.
you got my sweater, my hat,….
i can’t find my cat (meow!!)
the hardest part of breaking up
is getting back your stuff.

yeah, 2gethers in the house.
put your hands in the air,
gonna make you bounce, c’mon.
(repeat 2x)

so tell me girl, do i have to say please?
or do i have to involve the police? (we have you surrounded!!)
there was a time, when i’d trust you alone.
i’d call you up girl, but you took my phone.

you borrow stuff, everytime i turn my back, (hey that’s mine!!)
i can’t believe that i went out with a klep-to-ma-ni-ac! (we’re breaking up!!)


man, you ever break up with a girl, and she keeps your stuff?
man, what’s up with that?
i don’t know man!
something’s wrong, you know what i’m saying?
something’s wrong with that.

uh! yeah, uh!
mickey park up in this mug,
here we go, 1, 2. (yeah, yeah, yeah)

you plus me, it doesn’t equal us.
you took my car now i gotta take the bus.
i thought i had a girl that i could trust.
i guess i never knew my calculus!

(chorus 2x)