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lirik lagu 2gether – breaking all the rules – unity


girl, you`ve taken a piece of me
that i didn`t wanna give
without it, i can`t live, no
it`s makin me look so silly
that my friends talk about me
they don`t understand.

for your love (for your love)
i would cry (i would cry)
even sacrifice my life.
wouldn`t think twice.
be your fool.
don`t mind it`s cool (i don`t mind)
everything i say is true
because i`m breakin all the rules
for you

somethin something, sorry don`t know the spanish words too well!!
te quieras

girl you`re takin good care of me
i can feel it deep inside
and my body doesn`t lie, no
the way you love me i can`t believe
that i`m the only one
havin this much fun

[repeat chorus till fade]