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lirik lagu 29poltergeist – rip kobe


[intro: kierre]
3, 2, 1

[verse 1: 29poltergeist]
24 karat on me, it ain’t lowkey feel like kobe (r.i.p.)
lean in my cup and it’s gold on my body
i might be a laker where the f~ck is my trophy
serve that white boy pack n he said holy moly
italian b~tch love cooking canolies
these n~ggas can’t say they know me
cause all a n~gga know is that money

[verse 2: kierre]
and he not touching money ‘less that sh~t monopoly
f~ck up my future i know they won’t pardon me (they won’t)
servin the junkies the trap like a pharmacy
got 5 plugs so i always got stock on me (huh?)
(yuh!) cl!ck on my phone so the feds must be stalking me
there is no argumеnt
don’t wanna finished you shouldn’t have started it
f~ck yo apologiеs
obviously i can be whoever i want to be
blow opportunities like tix from the lottery
i get the audi a3, call that support from the audience
if not a porsche or a rari then
why all these n~ggas they stay tryna follow me (nah!)
i go insane like the wayne like off the carter 3 (i do!)
chop through the cartilage, aim for the artery
then i tell these n~ggas they best put they heart in it
[verse 3: 29poltergeist]
tryn’ get some smoke, reveal yo position then
cannot take sh~t from n~ggas im richer than
pull up on his block, his n~ggas trembling
been a cold n~gga i was rocking that metal sh~t
n~ggas p~ssy, way more feminine than feminists
tyrannical lyrically i am a terrorist
mental from the jump, never had a therapist
music like yo glock, this sh~t get to jammin yeah
young fly n~gga i grew up a stepper
don’t do no weak sh~t, 29 what im repping (that sh~t is weak!)
just know we getting money that ain’t a question
body too cold, so i’m rocking this henson
if it’s one thing i hate, its opposition
say that ya’ll real but yo squad full of b~tches (b~tch!)
if you spun his block, why is he living
pour one out for ya homie we know you be sippin (we know you be sipping!)