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lirik lagu 286636665892 – xcjvdzbviuzdbv


[hook: robinn graves]

[verse 1: robinn graves]

like a blade runner on valentine’s eve, i’m taking shots (tequila!)
with vunene, sindi, azia
munene, lindi, alina
lethabo, shongi, mpumi
karabo, bongi no tumi
meabo, ntombi no thuli
tshiamo, hlogi no busi
i exit the bar with lebo and karabo beside me
i’m checking lethabo out as we leave and we head to the car so i can get myself some head in the car
we get to the car and enter i start kissing karabo cause lebo is hardly doing anything that’s getting me hard
so kissing karabo’s a definite start
then lebo just starts extending her arms
takes her top and then she discards her denim jeans as i gently discard karabo’s purple top, leggings and bra
i’m definitely hard when lebo then starts touching mine with her feminine parts but just before i get some head in the car
i see a familiar face head for the car
she opens the door, heart broken
she saw me with karabo’s mouth open, her jaws locked around my d-ck so i couldn’t say sh-t for leaving her heartbroken
i’m b-lls deep in a pile of sh-t
but i’ll admit that i shouldn’t have opened the door that lead to me cheating on azia just for some deep throat and a wh-r- or two
and all she said was, “you smug motherf-cker, this started with leanor
when you took virginity and youth and exchanged it for your daughter luu
excuse the gin in me, the truth is after all the times that i’ve fought for you and afforded you my support for you
i wish your mother had aborted you”
i went from having everything
to the point where the very thing i have been cherishing mixed with my meddling with a sepedi thing, a young lesedi fling and a debbie king now has me debiting
this is a cheddar thing just for some head, a swing, a little leather, bling instead of bringing happiness into my life but
i just have to have to have that

[hook: robinn graves & tornado]

[verse 2: tornado]

[hook: tornado]