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lirik lagu 27reeves – ​worldwideblackout


[verse 1]
you don’t even give a f~ck
you don’t even care enough
you don’t even know what you’ve become
you know that your life’s a mess
you know that you’re so depressed
you know that you f~cked up bad, i heard
i’m not gonna give a f~ck
i’m not gonna care enough
cause i gotta get me out of here
i’m in this headsp~ce, i f~cking need sp~ce
my life’s running low, you know ’bout that?
you f~cked my heart up
smoking on that weed it’s a start up
jumpstart back to it all

jumpstart me right now, f~ck it up tonight
give me just one reason to feel alive
f~cking up again
no one knows how to play pretend
no one knows where i begin
where i begin
no one gives a single f~cking sh~t
i’m really rolling in my f~cking emotions