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lirik lagu 27reeves – ​watch out for the fiends!


[verse 1]
b~tches ain’t sh~t 2020, i don’t trust ’em
and they be sucking d~ck cause they ain’t sh~t
so motherf~ck ’em
i’m rolling up a blunt just tryna act just like it’s nothing
if i’m just tryna vibe then you would have to give me something
a motherf~cking clip or a motherf~cking gun
i’ll bust that sh~t out if you just wanna have some fun
yung altima the greatest ever known that’ll front
shoutout 850, without steele i’d have to front
yeah i’ve got that bones~esque sound they know of
and yeah i got the sh~t they wanna be full of
but if you wanna argue with me then you gotta throw up
’cause i will beat your ass like jem i know you won’t show up
i’m packing ’round a tote with a blade like you know of
a motherf~cking fiend’s all you are you cold f~ck
i feel like i’m a star when they see my glow up
from 2017 i was a pump clone, uh
’cause i feel like sloan raney how i’m coming with the bat
sh~t don’t make sense ’cause i’m the yung heart attack
if you would f~ck with me then i would hear you say slatt
you f~cking sipping tussin when you mix it with the act
i did that back in the day but that sh~t is f~cking lame
you motherf~ckers are just going f~cking insane
you wake up in the hospital you can not feel your brain
and then you out there crying you don’t know your f~cking name
it’s kinda sad how you the ones they look up to
and now they wanna be you, see you
and you will be dead soon
i hope to the god, the sky, the sun, and then the f~cking moon
that you will make it over, under up to round 2
but do i got hope, i don’t know if i do
i just wanted to be just like you too
but now i’m reaching out cause i don’t know what to do
and rappers tryna find out how to be addict number two
27, b~tch