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lirik lagu 27reeves – ​stop the car


(yeah my boy addict27 called me for that feature)
stop the car
and f~ck with me
i gotta leave
the team for the lean
i’m sorry i just gotta breathe
i need to be a f~cking zombie
i’m sipping on that arizona green tea
and i don’t f~ck with hypebeasts
got a cup of coffee and i’m tryna fiend
for the nicotine
keep it clean
smoking on that gasoline
i just want peace and power
and i’ll be gone for an hour
i’m going sour
and i don’t know why i threw out your flowers
i guess i was mad
sorry that i made you sad
everybody’s f~cking glad
n0body will pay me or you to hate me
i don’t know why these b~tches wanna date me
all these b~tches liars that try to get by us
free tyler he got 7 months to go
i don’t know how to be f~cked up
as far as i know i’m never gonna go back home
to the place where i don’t belong
everything that i think about i turn it to a song
i’m wrong and i got it
i got a motherf~cking pocket
full of memories that i can’t complete
i wanna be me and see what i will be
but until then i need to sleep
got the mind of an addict with you and me
rest in peace to 2017
rest in peace to 2017