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lirik lagu 27reeves – restricted, pt. i


[verse 1]
f~ck all this bullsh~t
f~cking throw him in the pit
d~mn, what the f~ck i’m trying to do
to get this sh~t up off my chest?
b~tch, i don’t f~cking guess, b~tch
roll that f~cking blunt up in my hand
i’m restricted through all this sh~t, b~tch
d~mn, you a fan, do not f~cking understand
roll a blunt in my face, do that sh~t with no chase
with no chaser, racer, f~ck it up, i erase her
do that one more time and then i know
this sh~t ain’t fake, sir

yeah, i’m the motherf~cking menace on the blunt
yeah, i’m restricted and i’m in the f~cking cut
yeah, and you know i’m just doing this to front
yeah, doing what i want, yeah

[verse 2]
sike b~tch!
f~ck off motherf~cker, you a motherf~cking snitch, ayy
roll a blunt up in the sand i call that sh~t the beach, ayy
exotic sh~t, ayy, do that sh~t again, ayy
motherf~cking chasing up the bag like i got it, ayy

i’m so f~cking restricted, yeah
i’m so f~cking restricted
yeah~yeah, oh
never gonna give a f~cking sh~t
never give a motherf~cking sh~t about how this sh~t is
no one gives a single f~cking sh~t yeah
everyone’s a single–

[verse 3]
ayy, sike, motherf~cker, you a b~tch
godd~mn, shut the f~ck up
stop talking sh~t
yeah i know that you blowed up
motherf~ckers know that you still didn’t glow up
but you a b~tch i will never f~cking support you
yeah i know that you got a million views or more
you a wh0re motherf~cker win an award
b~tch, shut the f~ck up you don’t got any plays b~tch
bluewater b~tch that was back in my days b~tch