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lirik lagu 27reeves – moscow


i’m alexa, here’s addict27 with the weather

[verse 1]
think back to the time that we used to lie
to ourselves and our friends
we would never say goodbye
got my life in my hand
got the lighter in the backseat
love me till i’m dead
but i’m nothing when i’m crossed
i don’t need your f~cking time
i don’t need no f~cking rhyme
i’m just tryna make the best sh~t ever
in my f~cking life
i don’t need no f~cking sign
i don’t need no f~cking kite
’cause i’m higher than the rainbows
in the motherf~cking sky
b~tch i’m colder than the arctic
this the antarctic
beat goes hard and if you don’t agree
you are lethargic
f~ck around with hard sh~t
call that sh~t that art sh~t
no one gonna question me
when i’m doing that bargain

[verse 2]
driving in a foreign
four wh0res, four doors
got the oxies in the trunk
blowing os to the floor
mind of an addict i be at it
getting lit until i’ve had it
watching the clock feels like static
hypnotized by tic~tock adding
numbers to my phone
yeah, mine is 666
driving down 27th
with some cocaine laced with heaven
it’s a risk i’m willing to take
i just got a headache
i’m just tryna make this sh~t come true
and so far it’s insane

hard like the concrete
f~ck around and clench your t~~th
tie you up and throw you
in the motherf~cking backseat
this a banger highkey
drive around at high speed
nothing gonna amount to
what i’ll do in ’20 next week b~tch!