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lirik lagu 27reeves – jumpingoffthetwintowers


i be minding my own business
you be talking all that sh~t
you be smoking on that blunt
while i’m smoking on that spliff
got a million f~cking reasons
for me just to plead the fifth
got a million f~cking actions
just to find a f~cking tip, ayy
smoking up sideways
never showing my ways
if you talking down you’re out the door
and on the highway
never gonna stay for me ’cause 27 my name
rip to addict, didn’t fit to any timeframe
stop f~cking snitching b~tch
you don’t know a thing
jumping off the twin towers, i’m like flair in the ring
“got some people that i know i wanna take under the wing”
but they fakes and you’ll be sorry
when you know you can’t sing, ayy
yeah, does it sting?
so you care about the fame?
do you enjoy all thе clout?
from the motherf~cking king?
k!llsenju on this bеat
we’ll search you like you’re f~cking bing
you say you gonna facetime, talk some sh~t
i didn’t hear a ding
hear a thing, off the rocket
out of motherf~cking pocket
pay your dues you need some profit
checks gon’ come in, yeah i promise
i just think you’re f~cking trash
if i’m just being f~cking honest
i just think i need some cash
you out here paying all your homage
(oh sh~t)

addict27 just died last week
took a break from whatever
tried to drown in the creek
never thought about what life would bring him
he said sleep was for the weak
so he went on a rooftop just
just to see if he could reach
and he saw the streets below
on top of the f~cking building
closed his eyes and he was falling
off the motherf~cking railing
all that he could f~cking think about is his life ending
rip addict27, wish you well for all your healing
i don’t need no f~cking time
i don’t need no f~cking lie
i’m just tryna make the best sh~t ever
in my f~cking life
i don’t need no f~cking sign
i don’t need no f~cking kite
’cause i’m higher than the rainbow
in the motherf~cking sky
b~tch i’m–