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lirik lagu 27reeves – ​idk


i be doing drugs until i croak
miami to pensacola, florida
got all of these hoes and i got problems
from these drugs and it’s a bit of f~cking everything
vicodin’s, percocets, life is lit
just kidding, life is sh~t
drinking that promethazine with codeine
drugs keep me leaned with balance
i give that b~tch a callus and
i get that b~tch and i f~cking
fly to california its a f~cking fallace
it’s a promise i’ll be honest
all these b~tches got me founded
with all of these stitches and kisses
isn’t what i want cause i just want to f~ck
me and yung soar gonna jump your wh0re
and we gonna slap them up
pour some more, pour a four, get some more
and then i soar, f~ck a b~tch, f~ck a wh0re
make a song and drink four more
sipping on that hydrocodone oxycodone
f~ck this sh~t and i be loaded dead
with my own shotgun striked across my head
r.i.p. addict27
r.i.p. addict27
i come through with mac~11s
and i’m f~cking on your b~tch
and she in heaven
i got b~tches up in here and
i got b~tches, ah
and i’ve known them
since i was motherf~cking 7
and we just f~cking grinding
we be grinding all the time
and i got these b~tches and
they just be sucking in my prime
and i’m going to new york in
one more day and i’ll be fine
just kidding am i really that rich
to afford all that sh~t?
because i live in motherf~cking (850)
i don’t know, you’re a hoe
f~ck that b~tch, she a motherf~cking slow b~tch
i don’t even know where it goes to show b~tch
i don’t even know how to f~cking go b~tch
you a slow b~tch, i am a no b~tch
everybody knows me, everybody blows me
everybody wants to be me, not the old me
everybody wants to motherf~cking be the old them
f~ck a b~tch on the f~cking low
got a b~tch? i don’t know
what the f~ck is her name?
i don’t know
just ask me, just tell me
i don’t know and
that’s my answer for everything
b~tch, i don’t know