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lirik lagu 27reeves – home invasion


[verse 1]
rolling right back in the chevy blazer
feeling like i’m so, gazer gazer
riding real smooth do it all no chaser
sharp like razor, home invasion
got that lightning rod
i’m gonna flip him with your broad
and i’m tryna find this b~tch
and then he’ll f~cking meet god
i’m burning the mic and i’m smoking that spliff
i’m burning the bag and i’m pleading the fifth
i got no lil party i got no confetti
and if you gon pull out then give me the d~ck
i ain’t talking g~y, b~tch i’m talking bout choppas
if you talking back then i’ll bust out the drama
pull up the screenshots
that’s not no real prada
pull out the real shots
you think he gon pop em
b~tch i’m feeling like smoke cause i pop em
rolling this sh~t up i feel like i’m goblin
feeling like b~tches i’m with they be knocking
that brand new mic is so trash
wait you bought it
you get no profit you are cut off
i’m doing this sh~t yeah with no molotov
i’m burning his housе down and i’m gonna walk
i’m rolling a blunt and i ain’t gonna stop, b~tch
[verse 2]
reeves, what the f~ck you doing?
going out to gucci, get a shirt
and buy a nеw one
wait, what the f~ck you thinking?
i’m doing all this sh~t lil b~tch
i’m manufactured raging
yeah, and i’m with the d~mn creed
doing all these drugs till i fall asleep
semi automatic with the motherf~ckin strap
yeah i’m looking at his home up on his motherf~ckin snap
chat with a b~tch that i had in the past
rolling in the benz, in the altima the rap
feeling like i’m steve~o b~tch i am a jackass
and i’m moving right along don’t throw me in the back
yeah, ayy
and you tryna f~ck a chick
good luck man tryna find that sh~t
maybe if you wanted to i’d give you 10 percent
but i don’t think we’re like that no
i don’t give a sh~t