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lirik lagu 27reeves – ​funeral


i meant nothing, i was running
i was gonna think of something
and i thought that you knew
couldn’t do this on my own without you
then you treated me like sh~t
i had nothing more to spend
cause i know that you and i were f~cked
i know i am a disappointment now
come around, i don’t know a reason how
yeah you hit me up right out of nowhere
never heard a sound
yeah i never wanted more
you know i’m broken to the core
i blocked you on all my accounts
just so you wouldn’t be around

i’m just thinking about you
because i can’t be around you
i wish that i was more involved
i wish your problems could get solved
by mе not about him
i know that you really want him
but you left me going ghost
and yеah i never left my home that day
and it’s that though
i’m missing you and my black coat
because my life is f~cked up since you left
you’re getting better till my death
then you’ll know then
you’re f~cking her and your boyfriend
you always said i was a piece of sh~t
i know you did not mean that sh~t
but you did though
i’m living my life with no hoe
and i can’t sit right here and think
a future with or without me
but yeah, you know
that i wanna just go home
because i wanna be myself just by myself
just leave my ass alone, b~tch
i’m broken now
i’m broken now
i wanna die, i wanna hide
i wanna frown again
i wanna die again, yeah
i wanna live my life again, yeah

addict27 just died last week
took a break from whatever
tried to drown in the creek
never thought about what life would bring him
he said sleep was for the weak
so he went on a rooftop just
just to see if he could reach
and he saw the streets below
on top of the f~cking building
closed his eyes and he was falling
off the motherf~cking railing
all that he could f~cking think about is his life ending
rip addict27, wish you well for all your healing
you won’t be missed