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lirik lagu 27reeves – fuckyouanyway


[intro: jesse rutherford and 27reeves]
you’re too mean, i don’t like you
f~ck you anyway
you make me wanna scream
at the top of my lungs
it hurts but
i won’t fight you
you suck anyway
you make me–
oh f~ck, the drugs are about to kick in
you’re too mean, i don’t like you
f~ck you anyway
you make me wanna scream
(ayy, ayy, addict27)
at the top of my lungs
it hurts but
i won’t fight you
you suck anyway
(you suck anyway)
you make me wanna die
right when i–i–

[verse 1]
i got airplane mode on my phone
i am never coming home
if you see me outside
i won’t ever be alone
got a b~tch right with me
sipping 40 after 40
got a clique of people in me
got a lot of people with me
riding with these people
out of town i’ll get away from ya
f~cking all these people
in the backseat of my altima
press record, drop a track
put it up then f~ck it up
that’s the way i do it b~tch
and f~ck you if you don’t look up

[verse 2]
i f~cking go and then i blow a few hoes
and then i f~cking go out the door
with a few more and then i stop
at 27th street and reeves and then
go down that street and k!ll all of those people
and then i back out and keep on 27th
i see the cops chasing me with mac 11s
and then i keep going and going
and stopping and after that sh~t
i surrender and get shot dead, ayy
f~ck a b~tch head in the front
going to the motherf~ckin’ place on a sunday
f~cking on a b~tch on a monday
maybe on a tuesday
k!ll a couple people on a wednesday
maybe f~cking go out to the club on a thursday
maybe i’mma do it on a friday
maybe on a sat~rday
then i do the whole sh~t again one day