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lirik lagu 279tyler – rudolph*


lyrics from the snippet

keep a k
i keep a k
keep a k

i keep a bang
what you bang homie?
internet gang bangin’
you so fake homie
i can’t even count
all the f~cking bands on me
big ass clip
longer than a f~cking limousine
let it squeeze
let it go
let it off
red dot make his nose red like rudolph
better not move
that’s a wrong move
better keep it cool
better keep your cool
before i blast you from the coupe
this a coupe but not for chickens
he won’t k!ll me he chicken
he ain’t get money that’s why he b~tchin’
b~tch wanna f~ck me yeah she asked me
you can keep her no she too ashy
designer on my clothes yeah i’m too flashy
pull up with the glocks we party crashing
we can get right into that action