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lirik lagu 279tyler – no heart*


lyrics from the snippet

uh, uh, uh
my hoe she so caked up
i just came in sticked up
i just hit the plug up
cause i gotta reup
doubled up like nunchucks
told the b~tch shut the f~ck up
that b~tch getting f~cked on
while i got my nine on
and no i’m not worried
glock nineteen for my firearm
if hollows don’t hit his head
hollows gonna hit his heart
b~tch thought i love her
how could i love you
b~tch i ain’t got no heart
rolling up a big backwood
i don’t smoke no carts
tryna play with us
you get heat up like some poptarts
shooter k!ll you broad day
yeah he goin’ r~t~rded
you barely sippin’ lean, yeah
cause i went and cut it