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lirik lagu 279tyler – mia freestyle


i just k!lled an opp

i just k!lled an opp, and then i went mia
i don’t really care what they say about me
i don’t really care what they sayin’ anyway
i just grab my choppa and i let that b~tch spray
i don’t really care about a hoe or a lame
i don’t really care i play this sh~t just like a game
i just want the money don’t care ’bout no rap game, yeah
i don’t care about no rap game
all you rappers broke, yeah you stay counting up change
i just talk my sh~t, i don’t care about your feelings
i just love the money, i fell in love with the dealing, uh
yeah, i might just rob my dealer, i lovе stealing
yeah, i love to racе, i just lost 12 in a beamer
yeah, i was really born to be a winner
pill popper, glizzy toter, yeah, i’m a big sinner
bad b~tch at the crib, gone eat my d~ck like some dinner
y’all can’t do this sh~t like me, no, y’all just beginners
yeah they follow me, yeah i run this sh~t, yeah i’m the leader
no face then no case, i catch some sh~t, then i’m ’bout to beat it

beat the case, got the k, spray it in his face, [?], yeah, pick up the pace, yeah, y’all are too late