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lirik lagu 279tyler – king of the hill


yeah, yeah

he said he gone k!ll me for real
i know that he ain’t really real
i pull up with guns like the navy seals
uh, yeah, the pint better be sealed
if it’s not then the plug getting k!lled
then the plug getting k!lled
spill my cup, then your blood getting spilled
i am no simp, i ain’t pay no b~tches bills
f~ck keeping it 100, i’m a keep it a mil, that’s for real
selling propane, hank hill
b~tch i run this sh~t, i’m the king of the hill, that’s for real

i’m the king of the hill
y’all ain’t know none about being real
yeah, with the glock i got some sk!lls
i be hangin’ with the felons they really k!ll
yeah, you ain’t never done none in your life
my homies pull up now you scared for your life
i don’t even need no muhf~cking sprite
sippin’ right out the bottle yeah it got me right, yeah
yeah it got me right
i be winnin’ and it make the opps so tight
dive in that b~tches p~ssy yeah it’s so tight
i’m a f~ck that b~tch, f~ck that b~tch til i’m tired
f~ck her on a perc 10
that b~tch a 10 out of 10
yeah, some bullets i’m a send
send some bullets to him and his friend
what’s in my cup, same color as the crimson chin
yeah your whole life fake, like it was the sims
me and gang stay scammin’, yeah we be swappin’ sims
what you know about this? this phillip lim