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lirik lagu 279tyler – 5 oxys*


lyrics from the snippet

yeah i hopped in that g~star
hopped right out the trues
yeah if we going to war
i ain’t not making no truce, nah woah yeah
we gone even out the score
man i feel like kodak
snipers got you in that scope
and i be making records
i feel like interscope
yeah i pop 5 oxy’s
yeah it got me floating
pop 5 oxy’s
it got me throwing up
sippin’ wockhardt in my double cups, uh
you a lame bro just shut the f~ck up
stay in your own lame or the glock gone shut you up
i’m a big dog i run this sh~t you a lil pup, yeah what’s up
you catch me in a coupe not no truck yeah what’s up